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I decide to laugh at every ridiculous situation that I’ve been in or friends have been in.

After starring in various commercials, her first high-profile starring role came in 1988 with the teen comedy License to Drive, followed by her breakout role in Gus Van Sant's critically acclaimed 1989 film Drugstore Cowboy.

I like how she felt like a loser and felt so unmotivated and unexcited and jaded and in the story. It was really strange how nonchalant she was about her boyfriend dying and how she made comments about how inconvenient it was to be single during the holiday season. I guess as a woman I was brought up with certain ideas about sex through religion: “You’re going to go to hell if you have sex out of marriage.” So even if you don’t believe that intellectually, how does that affect you in your life when you go into dating and how does that affect you as a person? In politics, what I want to see more represented is a female point of view. I do think a lot of stuff is written by men and it’s different -- they’re kind of male fantasies about those characters so it’s fun to do something that I felt like was from a female point of view and how women feel about their own sexuality. It’s called “Wetlands.” I did another movie with Robert Patrick called “The Last Rampage.” I got to wear a wig and glasses and look pretty unrecognizable -- that was fun.

Heather is also working on her own script, which aims to change the things about the film industry which she views as "sexist", such as the small amount of female directors.

“[The script] is actually about how hard it is to make movies about women.

It’s all about my own frustration in the business, I guess," she revealed.

unknown date Heather Graham was rumored to be dating Leonardo Di Caprio. They lived together for awhile, and Adam has credited Heather with helping him beat his depression.1995 - 1996Heather Graham dated Jon Favreau.

They decided to go on a date and it was only a one time thing. They met in an acting class before they began dating.

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