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Updating motorstorm

There's over 85 million ps3's out there, it would be silly not to try and make money off them anymore when the ps3 is more than capable of running service apps that Sony can make money off of.

01, introduces a new Sprint mode, and raise the overall level cap to 75. The patch is around 533MB in size, and you can find the full notes, as well as a preview of R. Private lobbies and the game’s companion app are still very much in development, with more details to be shared soon.

In the same release, Hocking said that he is looking forward to working with so many great racing developers from around the world.

In a release by Codemasters last April, they announced the acquisition of Evolution Studios.They went on to announce that Mick Hocking from Evolution Studios has taken the position of Vice-President for Product Development at Codemasters.This has him overseeing all of the company's studios, including the team from Evolution in Cheshire.They expressed their excitement at taking the creators of successful racing titles under their wing.The latter has been responsible for creating such titles as "Grid," "Dirt," "Driveclub" and "Motor Storm." The former believed that the addition will "take them to the next level" as "the largest racing-focused games company," and stated that both have very extensive backgrounds and expertise with racing games.

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Games like Shatter, Joe Danger, Folklore, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Valkyria Chronicles, Puppeteer the Motorstorm sequels, Heavenly Sword, Hot Shots Golf, Wipeout HD. I don't trust Sony will have a lot of support for the PS3, they dumped the support on RFOM 1,2, & 3 and on GT5 pretty fast and take into consideration it's their own franchises, on the other hand MS has supported GOW 1, 2, 3, Judgement and Halo 3 for years. Currently PS3 is still active and being made, only discontinued in New Zealand this year.

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