Updating a mac g3

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Updating a mac g3

It also introduced the New World ROM to the Power Macintosh line.The faster models (not the 300 MHz model) used the new copper-based Power PC G3 CPUs made by IBM, which used about 25% of the power of the Motorola versions clock for clock. Despite its 100 MHz system bus and PC100 SDRAM, the 300 MHz B&W G3 performed worse than its 300 MHz Beige predecessor, because it had only 512 KB L2 cache, half of what the 300 MHz Beige had.This guide is aimed at those who want to upgrade a G3 Mac, either the Power Mac G3 Beige or the Power Mac G3 Blue & White.All the advice aimed at the G3 Blue & White is also applicable to the Power Mac G4 PCI Graphics (which uses the same architecture) - however you are obviously getting less improvement with this machine since you pay the same amount for upgrades but you're starting from a higher point.

It is also applicable to the Power Mac G4 PCI Graphics - the first Power Mac G4 which is basically a G3 Blue & White in a different case with a G4 CPU.Therefore we would advise thinking very carefully whether upgrading a G4 PCI Graphics is worth the money.The guide covers processor upgrades, graphics cards, hard drives, adding modern connectivity (more applicable to the G3 Beige), upgrading the CD drive and upgrading the memory.The onboard ATA was upgraded to Ultra ATA/33 (in fact an extra UDMA-33 controller was added, see above), but SCSI was no longer present, having been replaced by two Fire Wire ports, a new standard (IEEE1394) running at 400 Mbit/s (50 MB/s) — faster in theory than even the ATA/33 (33 MB/s) hard drive controller.The 360fly apps make capturing, editing and sharing 360° video fun, easy and intuitive.

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