Sorm for updating multiple database records

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Records are the information your app uses, much like individual rows in a spreadsheet.

The table associated with the current block of the form might not exist, your username might not have authority to perform the specified action on the table, or some other reason might have caused the fatal error.

If that is not feasible, your installation must make more memory available, either by modifying the operating system parameters or by adding more memory to the computer. If any were violated, redo the updates without violating the constraints.

The designer might be able to modify the form so that it will run. Examine integrity constraints on the database tables that were updated.

Click the "Import" link from the Records toolbar: You’ll then want to match each column from your spreadsheet with one of the fields of your object.

If the field doesn’t exist yet you can use the import to create new ones.

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The value does not match any of the list of acceptable values. For a text field, the value does not match the specified range. Forms determined that the item contains an invalid value, but it cannot give focus to the item because it is disabled.