Soo hyun and suzy dating

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Soo hyun and suzy dating

My daughter turned me on to Korean TV and I just fell in love. In dream high1,your character is cute & sometimes so funny but i like other series too. I almost watch all your drama, movies and CF start with jungle fish, dream high, the moon the embrace the sun, latest my love from the star. i almost watched all of your movies and korean drama episodes and i so loved it.seems like i am this crazy, coz i have saved your photos and even made a scrapbook, your profile and anything about you in it.that i meet you soon! But i really love this drama idea and best of actor and actress. How ugliness and rude style of Jun Ji Hyun are what i love the most because it is what make her famous and funny and still funny cute and pretty. Kim Soo Hyun is one of the best actors of his generation. The Moon Embraces the Sun historical drama you've played was so very nice & unforgettable movie I ever seen.

I am very picky about what I watch and who is in the movie. I watched your movies, dramas, interviews, and even your appearance in variety shows. I think your acting skill is better in angrying scenes.i think your acting skill is more improved.congratulation for your success.fighting! But between all drama, more i like see you in sam sang dong character.. your acting skill more improve from one drama to another drama. Kim Soo-Hyun, I love his acting and role in this drama. Hi kim so hyun..such a perfect guy, your so cute and handsome.talented'll shine more and more with the skills and talents you have I swear that you will become up and just be you you and saranghae of your thousands and millions fans out there..I will guarantee tha I will always be your avid fan thats a promise.....mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love you JEZZA FRO PHILIPPINES...fighting!! Thanks for letting me borrow your heart and you put it in my chest: I felt like I have lived a thousand lives, full of love, sadness, joy, sorrow and gratitude. His choices of role are varied and proving that he's a very versatile actor.

Kim Soo Hyun attended an acting academy while studying for university entrance for the 3~4th year when he was 23 or 24. During his debut days, when he had no popularity, the pastor in my church knew him so he told me about it.; Since the "neighbor" wants to blow their cover, why not take pictures or report it to a news outlet to take pictures? ; If not a picture of KSH himself, at least a picture of his car or something in the parkade.; LMH and Suzy only dated for a month and Dispatch were able to snap pictures all the way in London.Love the drama he acted in (My love from another star) whenever he cried in that series I also and always cry. can i make a request can u please have one more drama with IU before u enlist in military service... i really like you to end up with IU in real life .. Thank you for having this oppurtunity that i can express my feeling that i feel so great and im so very happy when i was saw his movie S and also series MLFTS. The drama is just so freaking sad at those last parts. both of u have a strong chemistry Oh oppa I really miss u........ I love you kim soo hyun im waiting for your next movie REAL. I love you so so much you're my one and only favorite actor ❤ I'm so happy to see the awards that you're getting for your hard work you're a versatile actor and you have a very admirable personality plus you're also very talented❤ you deserve everything and more... He's one of those rare artists that I totally feel that he's genuine about his love for his works. Can I just take the time and participate the fact that you where born in my generation I mean, I'm so glad I got to watch an actor like you, and maybe one day I will meet you. your acting is amazing, loved in the moon embracing the sun(daebak) and loving you in my love from the stars.

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I saw "My Love From A Star" and cried every time you cried. You're so good in acting especially in Moon Embracing the Sun and You Who Came From The Stars... Keep doing great in all your dramas and good luck in going to the army.. I like them all because it's your work and you did them great. I praise you always succes in act, sing and modelling..maintain your abilities..sarangae.from malaysia.. You are next to perfect Your series and movies are great especially in the moon embracing the sun and the man from star. Really suit them so much and love and love and love and more than a love.. I just finished watching You Who Came From The Stars and now I'm watching Dream High, after this I'll be watching The Moon Embracing The Sun.. You're an amazing actor and I know you're going places, keep up the good work and success in all your endeavors. He acts through his eyes, body language, words, etc.. (filipino) I ...really really like your and your drama .... Regards, Bryan Fernandez Yun Sang Bin Love his acting in The Moon That Embracing The Sun...

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